UPDATED 1/6/2017


Event Updates and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


January 13-16, 2017 | Blue Mountain Ski Resort | Blue Mountains, ON | Canada






Event Updates



Luggage restrictions allow 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on. 6 Days til lift-off!


Group Information Sheets Now Due! If you do not submit forms, you and your friends will not be registered. Send forms in now!



Passports are required. Expedite processing needed at this point



Charter Bus Information:




Loads in Detroit at 9am - Departs from DTW airport hotels Friday, Jan. 13 before 11am

Loads in Toronto at 12pm - Departs from YYZ airport, Terminal 1, Friday, Jan. 13 before 2pm


Returns to Detroit DTW Monday, Jan. 16 by 5pm

Returns to Toronto YYZ Monday, Jan. 16 by 1pm


Hotels in Detroit for Thursday, Jan. 12th.

Fairfield Inn (For regular sized groups) and Spring Hill Suites (For larger groups)

Each group is responsible for reserving their own rooms. Call the hotel directly and tell them you're with MLK Ski Weekend. The Detroit party buses will depart from these locations.


Fairfield Inn: (734) 467-7601


Spring Hill Suites: (734) 326-7500







There will be a lot of snow on the resort. Please do not start snowball fights. Do not play in the snow with cheap gloves (frostbite is real). And NEVER EVER eat yellow snow.




Available in January. If you booked lodging outside of the event, your wristband will cost considerably more, and there will be a constraint on how many wristbands are available.


Final Payments




YES PASSPORTS ARE REQUIRED. Enhanced Drivers Licenses can be used by those in Michigan and New York.



Bedding IS provided for suites, villas, and condos



Bedding is NOT provided in the CHALETS! You must bring your own sheets, pillows, pillow cases, towels and wash cloths.



Bring your own soap, toothbrush, deodorant, etc...


Food and Accommodations with Kitchens:

You are responsible for your own food.  All CONDOS, VILLAS, TOWNHOMES, CHALETS, AND SUITES have full kitchens (Studio suite only has microwave and refrigerator). There is a store on the resort and stores near the resort. Purchase frozen, pre-prepared foods so making meals is not a burden when it's time to eat.  These foods include: Lasagna, meatballs, chicken wings, pizza, salad, fruit, breakfast food, lunch type food, hot cocoa, etc...


All kitchens are fully equipped with everything including pots, pans, plates, cups, flatware, cooking utensils, etc…


We recommend buying disposable cups, plates, flatware so you don’t have to wash dishes.


You can also purchase food at the resort restaurants (30+ places to purchase food)




We have discounts at Boyne Country Sports (15%). Just identify yourself as participating in 2017 MLK Ski Weekend. Dunhams will give 10% off with your AAA or Kroger shopping card.



For inexpensive snow wear, look online: Amazon.com, Academy.com (AcademySports), Target.com, Walmart.com and Google. Don’t buy pricey gear.


The Ski Gear


·        If you live in the south, this is an alternative to buying heavy coats – use the “layer” method. Use long sleeved shirts (made of synthetic materials), turtle neck, sweater, fleece and a wind/rain resistant zip-up jacket to cover it.


·        Ski jacket – Must be windproof, waterproof, and collar should come above your chin when zipped. $40 -$99.



·        Pair of ski gloves (should have drawstrings at wrist) $7-$25


·        Ski pants or ski bib (overalls) $20 - $40



·        Ski socks (must be made of Lycra, nylon or other synthetic material...no cotton!) $5-$10


·        Ski Goggles or sunglasses –  $7-$40 (beginner’s goggles).



·        Base Layers - Turtle neck or long sleeve synthetic tee-shirt $10


·        Sweater or Fleece $15



·        Ski Mask (not the carjacking one) $10 (optional)


·        Base Layers - Thermals or workout pants (synthetic material works best, such as workout pants) $7-$10



·        Ski Hat (not a skull cap. We are not in the hood) $3-$15


·        Winter Boots – Shop online at amazon.com and shoebuy.com. Get boots with rubber soles. Fashion boots are not recommended for this trip - could hurt you more than help. No open toe or high heels!!!! There will be real snow.


Other Items (optional)


- Hand warmers

- Sunglasses

- Duffle bags (work better than suitcases and easier to pack into vehicles)

- Extra trash bags (useful for more than just trash)

- Ice scraper for your vehicle (you will need it!)

- Chewing gum

- Energy Drinks

- Condoms/Birth control/Morning After pills/other contraceptives



These items are absolutely necessary if you want to enjoy yourself skiing and stay warm.  Most of you will already have most of these items. The proper gear will keep you warm all day. The wrong gear will have you to lose the feeling in your toes/fingers. 


You cannot ski in jeans or leather jackets!!!!!


Also remember to have your warm sweaters, fleece, graphic thermals, jeans, extra socks, long johns, and flannel PJs for lounging.  Bring a swim suit for the pool party and one for the hot tub.


Please also pack your gear for the following parties:


Friday – On bus: Rep Yo City (clothes with your hometown, college, Frat/sorority Greek letters, 90’s gear, etc), At resort: Meet and Greet, Speed Dating, 80’s 90’s Y2K Music party, Official after party

Saturday – Village Day Party w/ celebrity guest DJs (Outdoors - wear winter gear)

Saturday – “The Pajama and Lingerie Party” (EVERYONE wears pajamas and lingerie!!!)

Sunday – Pool party featuring “World’s Largest Hot Tub Party” (swim suits required)

Sunday – Glow in the Dark “Tee-Shirt Party” (Souvenir MLK T-Shirts- provided)


Please do not over pack. Luggage space is limited on the bus.


If I forgot to address anything, please let me know.  Look for updates through email and on the website.




MLK Ski Weekend


313 879-7150